GOAL Emerging Artist Contest

GOAL Emerging Artist Contest

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GOAL-Justice, a network of nearly 30 Greenville congregations from a wide range of faith traditions, is seeking artwork from emerging artists across Greenville County who will share their insights and perspectives on this year’s theme:

What does justice look like to me?

Entries must be submitted by Google Form (see button below) no later than 5 pm ET on Monday, January 22.

For high school entrants (Grades 10-12), there will be a gift card prize of $100 for first place, $50 for second place, and $25 for third place. The art class of the winner will be able to invite a local artist for a workshop. Plus there will be opportunities for guided justice tours and art tours for the top entrants, as well as opportunities to meet with local leaders to learn about art and justice. The winning work at this level will appear on posters promoting the April 15, 2024 Nehemiah Action, as well as on tickets to the event and on hand cards for the event.

Middle school entrants (Grades 7-9) will have the same prizes and opportunities as the high school entrants.

Elementary school entrants (Grades 3-6) will have a first place winner receiving a gift card prize of $100 and two runner-up prizes of $25.  As with the high school and middle school entrants, the winning work at this level will appear on posters promoting the April 15, 2024 Nehemiah Action, as well as on tickets to the event and on hand cards for the event.

Some additional honorable mention submissions from all levels will be displayed in an art show of top entries on the day of the Nehemiah Action. To be considered for display and for prize consideration, selected entrants will need to provide their original works to GOAL-Justice in early March as instructed by our invitation for the top entrants and their works to be honored.

One entry per person, please.



Persons Eligible:
 Children in (or equivalent to) grades 3 through 12 who are residing in or attending school or home-schooled inside the geographic footprint of the Greenville County School District as of October 1, 2023. Students in grades 3-6 will have their work reviewed in the Elementary Classification. Students in grades 7-9 will have their work reviewed in the Middle School Classification. Students in grades 10-12 will have their work reviewed in the High School Classification. One entry per student.

Qualifying Submissions: Visual art that may be represented in two dimensions, suitable for eventual presentation in a poster format. This includes paintings (oil, acrylics, watercolors, etc.), drawings (pencil, ink, pastels, charcoal (fixed, if possible)), lithographs, block print, silkscreen, photography, computer-generated art, mixed media, textile and fabrics. The display area (the featured design element) for the full-size poster is expected to be 20 inches high by 14 inches wide. Submissions must be original works in their concept, design and execution and not restricted by any copyright held by any third person. (Fan art and non-transformative representations of existing works in a different medium are non-qualifying. Fair use and transformative works are allowed, with the caveat that the original or source content should be noted or reflected in the written description (see below).) Initial submissions should be in a digital image (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .tiff, .pdf) with the expectation that finalists will produce their submission in the original medium, and, from that point, they will be judged in that form, even if ultimately intended for poster presentation as a photograph. Submitted works must be accompanied by a release form (available with the contest materials) and a form attached to the submission that describes the work in the words of the creator (with light-handed assistance from caregivers or instructors being allowed only for Elementary Classification submissions). Written descriptions should convey the entrant’s sense of their creation in words that make the submission accessible to persons who are visually impaired. The jury’s decisions are final as to whether submissions are qualifying under these rules. Descriptions for winning submissions may be in either English or Spanish. Submissions chosen for display will include both English and Spanish descriptions, so entrants are invited to optionally offer their own translation into English or Spanish, as the case may be.

Jury Decisions will be based on the following elements (adjusted for appropriateness to each of the three age/grade cohorts): (1) relevance to the selected theme, (2) originality of artistic expression, (3) clarity of the theme to the viewer, (4) quality of composition, including demonstrated mastery or refined technique with the chosen medium, (5) suitability for subsequent expression as the featured design element of a poster promoting GOAL’s Nehemiah Action; and (6) overall impact of the visual and descriptive elements, which includes the propensity of the submission, in its entirety, to inspire joyfulness, meaningful reflection, or deep conversation that is related to this year’s theme, and/or a submission that challenges norms and conventions that tend to obstruct access to justice.




By submitting an entry, the Entrant agrees to the following:

"I hereby certify that, to the best of our knowledge, the art submission described above is an original work of the undersigned student and that it is not copied from, nor does it include, any other person’s copyrighted work or, if it does include copyrighted content, that the original or source content is acknowledged in the full description and that this is a fair use or transformative work not restricted by copyright law. We agree that the final decision as to whether any submission is restricted by copyright law shall be up to the sole discretion of the jury and/or legal determinations that are not left to the discretion of GOAL, its officers, board members, staff, or the jury for this contest. The undersigned certify that the teacher/instructor indicated on the Google Form is not a member of the student’s immediate family."



By submitting an entry, the Entrant agrees, represents and certifies as follows:

"The art entry described herein is an original work personally created by the entrant/student to which the student is entitled copyright protection. In consideration for the acceptance of the art entry for consideration in this contest, the undersigned grants GOAL-Justice the royalty-free, non-exclusive right to publicly display the original art entry for a period of up to eighteen (18) months from the submission deadline date and to depict and reproduce the work in perpetuity in non-commercial materials promoting GOAL-Justice and its events. The Entrant acknowledges that the rules for this contest may be amended without advance and that the final decisions regarding this entry’s eligibility, suitability for display or reproduction, and/or qualifying status for this contest will be made in the sole discretion of a panel selected by GOAL-Justice. The Entrant agrees to hold harmless GOAL-Justice, its officers, board members, staff, and agents (including the jury for the contest) from any and all liability for damage, loss, or misappropriation of the art entry during and subsequent to the contest. The undersigned further agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend GOAL-Justice, its officers, board members, staff, and agents (including the jury for the contest) against any and all claims of any nature whatsoever, including, but not limited to, claims of copyright infringement, by any party whatsoever, arising out of or in any way related to the submission of the art entry in the contest."