Our Model

We need the power of organized people to win justice (Nehemiah 5).


GOAL will use a proven direct-action model. Organized people from a cross-section of traditions will publicly hold decision-makers accountable on justice issues that affect the Greenville area community. We will cultivate relationships with people who share the values of abundance, love, hope and promise. We will support one another in this struggle for justice.


To build power for justice, GOAL will grow their Justice Ministry Network through three annual processes:  Listening, Research-to-Action, and Investment Drive.  


  • During the Listening Process, Team Members will build and strengthen JM Networks and identify community problems through one-on-ones or house meetings; JM Network Members vote priorities at the Community Problems (Annual) Assembly.


  • In the Research-to-Action Process, leaders identify solutions (issues) to the problems, continue to build JM Networks, and exercise the JM Networks at the Nehemiah Action to secure commitments from officials to implement the solutions.


  • Finally, during the Investment Drive Process, each organization builds towards financial self-sufficiency by raising local funds; and increases ownership among GOAL Network Members by engaging them to invest $200 or an amount meaningful to them in the Justice Ministry.

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